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Furniture Blog Recommendation

Ah and another day to talk to you my visitors. I am so glad you have decided to come back here. I am always overjoyed for the chance to share my opinions and furniture reviews with you.

I am not sure WordPress staff will ever see this post, but I would like to thank them for allowing my blog to be hosted here for free. I would also like to recommend anything that wants a free blog to be sure to sign-up at Whether it be a furniture blog or almost anything else WordPress is a fantastic choice. They also have a wide selection of free and paid themes to use with your new blog.


Anyhow on to my blog recommendation of the day. I found a great blog that focuses on waiting room furniture and furniture repair. They also have featured posts on patio furniture and office furniture. You can find their waiting room furniture post here. I would also recommend seeking out their post on office furniture. It has some great tips in it on setting up a home office for the first time.

I will be doing another furniture related review next week. I have found an adorable couch that I think you will all fall in love with. I do apologize for keeping you waiting, but the anticipation is part of the fun right?


Welcome To Furniture Experiments

Welcome to furniture experiments by Jamie Plano. If you didn’t already guess I’m Jamie and I created this blog to feature some of my favorite furniture pieces as well as recommend other furniture blogs.


Today I wanted to recommend a new blog I found that has to do with office furniture. The blog is called Kimball Office Blog and they have a wide selection of different office furniture pieces available. I really enjoyed my visit because there are many different and unique designs featured. I especially liked some of the products they offer there along with the detailed pictures. I believe they have updates and discounts on furniture. You would have to check there for yourself as I haven’t been there in a bit.

I plan to do a review on a new chair I found. I wont go into the details too much today but I think you will be excited to see what it is.

Furniture Experiments

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