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Handy Living Hailey Transitional Rolled Arm Chair Review

Welcome back to furniture experiments! I am Jamie for those of you who do not already know. I love to write about all kinds of furniture and different furniture designs.

Today I will be reviewing a beautiful chair by Handy Living called Hailey Transitional Rolled Arm Chair. I think it comes in a few different colors or patterns. My favorite is the blue and brown turning leaves earth design which you can find pictured below.


I think my favorite part of the design is the unique fabric used. It is made of a high quality polyester blend. This chair will last a long time if treated well. I would recommend that you get some kind of scotch guard on the chair to help with protection.


In conclusion of my review I would say that this chair really is something special. I do think that the pattern used may not be before everyone, but for those that have a living room that will fit it should be perfect.

I had to convince my husband we needed another chair again. He tells me I already have too many chairs in my room, but can another chair hurt? LoLz. I guess I have a bit of an addiction. Oh well.


You can find this chair at most retailers that carry furniture. If I were you I would wait for some deals before paying for it at retail pricing. I found mine for 20% off so that was nice.

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